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A Laughing Matter?!
Sunday, August 24

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Psalms 1-5
Wednesday, Aug 27

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Greetings and Grace to You All, in Jesus Joyous Name!

A couple of three "program notes" I would like to call your attention to...

(1) On the Sunday Morning Service of August 21, I shared from Psalm 2 (as we are now going through Psalms here at Applegate on our Thru-the-Bible journey) relating to "The Season of the Raging Heathen."

The study, a bit over an hour in length, was a sort of Prophecy Update that I think many of you may find interesting. You can take a look or a listen by clicking onto the following link: A Lauging Matter?! - Psalm 2

(2) Also on Sunday Mornings, many times my son Benjamin and I will "share the service" where Ben may give the main teaching, and I may bring a shorter exhortation, lead communion, a bit of song leading, etc.

You can watch our entire Service by going to the Applegate website and clicking onto the Sunday Service icon on the home page. This will allow you the opportunity to take in the whole Sunday Service experience. I think many of you may find it intriguing and edifying.

(3) A Great-Big-Heartfelt-Hug-Of-Thanks to you all for your encouragement of and your participating in this Searchlight Website Ministry. You have blessed our hearts bigtime...truly!!!

En Agape,


Daily Devotional
September 1
Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.
Ecclesiastes 12:7
Aging is inevitable, essential - but, praise God, not eternal because we’re only here for a short time. We’ll discard these bodies and move on to our glorious, new resurrected state where there shall be no aging or disease. Aging is not an eternal process. It’s short - then on to Heaven, where we’ll have new bodies designed for eternity.

That is why Solomon says, “Today is the day to remember your Creator (see Ecclesiastes 12:1). You’re not dead yet. You still have your mind. Your heart is still pumping.” Now is the time because most people think, “As soon as I get out of high school, then I’ll really live for God,” or “As soon as I get through college and finish my studies, then I’ll be serious about seeking the Lord,” or “As soon as my kids grow up, then I’ll have time to wait on God,” or “As soon as my kids get out of the house . . .”

The truth, however, is that it will never be easier than now for you to serve God. Never. It will never be easier for you than now to develop devotions. It will never be easier for you than now to begin to minister. It will never be easier than now to worship. It does not get easier as you get older. That’s what Solomon is saying. Physically, you start to fall apart. Mentally, you’re vulnerable to depression. So now is the day, in the day of your youth, to act decisively on behalf of God.

You see, the greatest misunderstanding is that when we get older, we automatically become wiser. Not so. If you are not spending time in the Word now, worshipping God now, serving God now, when you get older, you’ll just be an old, cranky fool. And society is loaded with people like that.

But if you decide now to walk with God and commit your life to Him, you will age gracefully, become wise increasingly, and be a blessing to so many.
This Daily Devotional is an excerpt from the book "A Day of Feasting" by Pastor Jon. "A Day of Feasting" is a collection of 365 short devotions from the Old Testament books of Joshua through Malachi.  If you would like your own copy of "A Day of Feasting" you may click here to go to the SearchLight Store