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Humility Brings Liberty
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Rays of Light are writings by Pastor Jon Courson on various topics.  The purpose of these writings is to shed the light of God's Word on topics of interest.

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The Wagons are Coming - Genesis 45:27
Nothing But Faith - Habakkuk 2:4
Moving Out the Mockers - Matthew 9:18-26
Unbelief: Its Cause and Cure - Matthew 13:53-58
The Withered Hand - Mark 3:5
Facing Frustration - John 6:5-11
Jumbo Sized Faith - Romans 4:19-24
The Key to Being Carefree - Philippians 4:4-7
Waiting for His Working - Hebrews 6:15
Rahab: Holy or Hypocrite - Hebrews 11:31

Description Click
Just Jesus - Matthew 16:13-19
A Most Magnificent Mission - Luke 4:18-19
Solitude and Silence - Luke 4:42
Washing Feet - John 13:1-17
Finding Fulfillment in the Father - John 20:17
Helping the Hurting - Acts 3:1-11
Let Down? Look Up! - Acts 9:25-31
Vision - Acts 10:9-20
Seeing Our City - Acts 18:10
The Sweetness of Sweat - Acts 19:10-12
Description Click
Effective Prayer - James 5:16
The Tree of Life - Revelation 22:2
What Would Jesus Do? - Acts 9:32-41
How To Know What To Do - James 1:5-7
Loving and Praying - Romans 9:1-3
Praying in the Spirit - Ephesians 6:18
Prevailing in Prayer - Genesis 32:26
The Hush of Heaven - Revelation 8:1
The Key to Keeping Focused - Mark 1:32-38
The Perfect Prayer - Matthew 6:9-13

Description Click
A Word on Worship
A Study on Stewardship
Christians and Demons
The Sabbath Controversy