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An amazing prophetic picture is painted for us in Leviticus chapter 23. This chapter describes each of the Feasts of Israel. Pastor Jon takes us through these feasts and shows how each of them describes an important prophetic event. Some of these events have already taken place and some are yet to come. These 3 teachings will help give you an understanding of God's overall prophetic calendar.

One of the most common question that people ask is, "What is God's will for me?" This question may be asked for something as important as your life's calling or who you should marry. It may also be asked because you simply want to know what God would have you do today. In these 4 teachings, Pastor Jon takes us through various places in Scripture to answer this important question.

This fascinating 5 teaching series explores Biblical prophecy, world history and current events in the Middle East with a focus on Israel and Jerusalem. This is an excellent series for anyone wanting to have a Biblical perspective on current world events.

God knows that we learn better if we can see a picture. He therefore gives us many fascinating pictures in the Bible. One of the most intriguing pictures of Jesus is found in understanding the tabernacle. In these 6 teachings Pastor Jon explains the tabernacle to us and how it illustrates the person and nature of Jesus.

God instituted marriage as a means of blessing us. When we walk in obedience to God's design for marriage, it is a great blessing. When we don't, it is not. Marriage is also a picture of our relationship with God.

In these 4 teachings Pastor Jon examines what the Bible has to say about the roles of husbands and wives. With this understanding we can be more effective in our marriage relationship . . . and our relationship with God.

We live in a world where immorality is rampant and temptations are everywhere. But God calls us to be pure. These are 2 of Pastor Jon's key teachings on this subject of purity. This Scriptural look at purity will help us to have the understanding and passion that we need to be pure.

The Bible tells us that we were created to worship . . . and we all worship someone or something. But the only One who is worthy to be worshipped is God. In these 4 teachings Pastor Jon examines what the Bible has to say about worship.

The Ten Commandments are principles of God that are for all people for all time. They are God's direction for His people so they may know how to live rightly and joyfully. In these 12 teachings, Pastor Jon explores each of these commandments and shows us how God's commands apply to us today.

In these four teachings, Pastor Jon teaches us about the awesome privilege . . . and responsibility . . . of prayer. If you are ready to learn more about communicating with your Savior, then these teachings will bless you.

Our salvation is such an awesome gift that we could talk about it forever . . . and we probably will! We have chosen 4 of Pastor Jon's teachings on salvation that will help you in understanding and appreciating this wonderful gift from God.

The apostle John said that there is no greater joy than to see your children walk in truth. As a parent you know that this is true. But parenting can also be quite difficult. These are 4 of Pastor Jon's teaching where he takes us through different Scriptures to see what God has to say about what it means to be a parent.

If you look at the great men in the Bible - Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel . . . and Jesus - they all have one common characteristic - humility. It is not a characteristic that is prized in our culture, but it is essential to have if you want to be used by God. These 4 teachings look at what humility is . . . and what it isn't . . . and shows us why this characteristic is so key to being a Godly person.

The Life of Joseph The Life of Joseph
The Old Testament gives us many pictures and types of Jesus so that we may know our Lord more intimately.

One of the most intriguing and accurate pictures of Jesus is seen in the Life of Joseph. This was a man who was subjected to many trials and tribulations, but kept a steadfast faith in the Father. In these 10 teachings on the life of Joseph we can not only learn more about our Lord Jesus, but also how we can successfully navigate challenges in our own lives.

Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Warfare
It is true that we have a real enemy in Satan, but it is also true that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has already given us victory over this enemy.

In this life, we may continue to be harassed and attacked by the forces of darkness, but we do not have to give into them. In these 4 teachings, Pastor Jon shows us how to walk in victory and what the Bible has to say spiritually and practically about overcoming the enemy.

Seven Churches of Revelation Seven Churches of Revelation
At the beginning of the Book of Revelation we see seven messages that Jesus has for seven churches.

In these 7 teachings, Pastor Jon shows us that these amazing messages have great relevance for us today because there is a four fold application in each one. In addition to their initial message to seven specific churches in the first century, they have a prophetic application as they speak about the entirety of Church history. These messages of Jesus further speak to each of us individually . . . and finally, they have application to individual churches and the entire Church of today.

C. S. Lewis said that if Heaven is real, then that is all that matters and if Heaven isn't real, then nothing matters at all. This is very true . . . and we know that Heaven is very real. We know this because God told us so. Pastor Jon examines our future home in these 3 special teachings.

There are various understandings and interpretations of end times Bible prophecy. In this 3 teaching series, Pastor Jon examines the reasons for a pre-tribulation rapture and why this understanding is important to us.

It has been said that our faith swings on the hinge of the Cross. It is on the Cross where Jesus accomplished the amazing, and finished, work of salvation for us. In these 4 teachings Pastor Jon looks at what the Cross means to each of us who are saved.

Navigating Life's Storms
We know that storms will inevitably come into our lives. The issue is how will we handle those storms. In these 4 teachings, Pastor Jon shares with us about the faithful God to whom we can cling during storms . . . and the loving and powerful God who clings to us.

The hope of Heaven is such an awesome gift that we will naturally want to share the Good News with others. But sometimes we feel inadequate or unsure of just how to share our faith. In these 4 teachings, Jon gives us some practical instruction on witnessing to others.