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February 8

And the children of Israel gave unto the Levites out of their inheritance, at the commandment of the LORD, these cities and their suburbs.

Joshua 21:3

Although the Levites were not given territory, as were the other tribes, they were given cities within the territories of the other tribes. The Levites were those who worked in the Tabernacle, those who cared for the spiritual life of the people of Israel. They were spread out over forty-eight cities. This meant that every Israelite was near to a Levitical community, near to men who knew the Scriptures and were dedicated to serving the Lord.

Along with Simeon, Levi was to have no inheritance due to his dealing with Shechem (Genesis 34, 49). Yet the curse on Levi was reversed and transformed into a major blessing when the Lord said, “Levi, I will be your inheritance. You’ll be scattered everywhere in order to serve Me, and your cities will be protected by the rest of the nation.” Simeon and Levi were both cursed, but God reversed the curse upon Levi. Why? I believe the answer lies in Exodus 32:28.

You see, the day Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments in hand, the people were dancing around a golden calf. “Who is on the Lord’s side?” Moses said. “Who will deal with this sin?” Only one tribe volunteered - the tribe of Levi. The Levites unsheathed their swords and went throughout the congregation dealing with their friends and relatives. It was painful, but they had to do it because the tribe of Levi knew, perhaps better than anyone, that sin cannot go unchecked.

So too, God can take our sin and turn it around for good. He can reverse the curse even today. Wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done, if you repent and say, “Lord, from here on out, I’m going Your way,” He’ll turn the mistakes you’ve made around for good. Oh, the scars will still be there. But God will open new doors and do wonderful things in your life. You’ll be more blessed than you could have ever imagined if - and only if - you repent. It’s all a matter of repentance, of changing directions.

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