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John 3:17
Friday, May 17, 2024

Daily Devotional with Pastor Jon

May 19

... And calleth those things which be not as though they were.

Romans 4:17

God called Abraham a father even before the birth of Isaac because, from His perspective, Abraham was already a father. Read Ecclesiastes 3:15 for a glimpse into the great mystery of God calling things which are not yet as though they already were. The implications are fabulous.

Romans 8:29 30 tells us that God foreknew those who would want to know Him, so, on the basis of His foreknowledge, He predestined them to become believers. Because they’re predestined, they’re called by Him. And when they respond to His call, they’re justified — declared righteous — and they’re glorified.

The implication is staggering. God views us as already glorified. What does this do? It frees me incredibly, knowing the Father sees me not in my cruddy humanity, but in my glorified state. I see myself flailing, faltering, and failing — but the Father sees me as already glorified.

Think of it this way ...

Picture yourself in New York City, watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade. A band marches by, followed by some floats and big balloons. Your buddy, standing a mile down the road has not yet seen the band, the floats, or balloons which pass before you. You're enjoying them presently and you know he’s going to enjoy them eventually when the parade works its way to him.

That’s the way the time/space continuum works. But suppose on this St. Patrick’s Day, you were invited to sit in the Goodyear blimp. Suddenly you would see the whole parade simultaneously. The people down below would be watching the parade go by. But not you. You would see the whole thing in its entirety. That which is yet to be for your buddy, you'd already see. And that which already was for him, would still be in your sight. From your vantage point, it would all be happening in the present.

That’s how it is for the Father. We’re marching through the parade of life, trying hard, doing good sometimes, stumbling other times. But He sees our whole life — past, present, future. He sees the whole thing in totality. Thus, He views us as already glorified, as already in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Consequently, we have beautiful freedom today. We can just enjoy the Lord because He has said we are already glorified. We’re not a disappointment or an embarrassment to Him — but already perfect in Him.

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